Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Vignettes

Maybe this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life. A whiteout. The pine trees generously dusted in frost. Lacey little snowflakes gather on my coat. Breathe in the chilled air. Breathe out a puff of steam. We ski down the slopes, through the powder. For a moment, the clouds part and Lake Tahoe lies down below, its glassy waters reflecting the scene, doubling the beauty. I want to bottle up this moment and keep it forever. 

The new year has already been filled with wonderful moments. Reflecting on the only twenty days that have gone by, I find myself smiling. Rainy days spent eating ramen and winding through the shelves at an old bookstore. We pick up our childhood favorites and find warmth in the worn pages that hold memories from years ago. Cutting vegetables and sipping on wine, exploring new recipes. A newfound obsession with Star Wars. Competitive games of Battleship. A walk along the river, the air fresh with the smell of rain. The water below ripples and curves around the stones that line the bank. It's quiet right now. But sometimes the quiet is just right. 
It's a stormy night in the city, but it sure is cozy in here. String lights hang from the ceiling. A disco ball glitters and sends sparks dancing across the walls. Bodies sway to the ethereal pop that plays in the background. A crisp beer and a little lemon. It's nearly midnight, but the headlining performers have yet to step out from behind the curtain. We wait. 

The lights go down, a deep bass. A familiar R&B-flecked tune plays, a dash of keyboard, a pinch of soft drum. Anthony and Josephine of Oh Wonder, the British song-writing duo, appear. The night whirls by, the the neon "OW" sign in the backdrop pulsing to the beat of the music. We sing along. We dance. Josephine twists and twirls her hands in the air, as if conducting all of us below. The duo, the crowd, the lights, the instruments all in synch to the mellow grooving melodies. "We have performed on five continents," Anthony says, "But this is the best show we have ever played." 
Make a spark, break the dark
Find a light with me
Who we are chasing stars
Won't you dance with me? 
--Oh Wonder, "Lose It"